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Cloud computing could be Alibaba’s next big goal.

China’s Alibaba is often compared to Amazon (based in Seattle) – but the two don’t compete with each other. However, there are many similarities in their businesses: Both run e-commerce websites and have streaming services. But what could pave the way for Alibaba’s future is what now makes Amazon a big business – cloud computing. […]

“Four pillars” of world technology face an extensive US investigation.

The US Justice Department said on July 23 that it will open a large-scale investigation into major technology firms to determine whether they are...

Amazon – not all things make the cut.

Not Everything Makes the Cut – Amazon Super Bowl LIII 2019 Commercial Brand: Amazon. Creative Agency: Lucky Generals and Amazon Internal Creative Team. Media Agency: Rufus. The business...

Google spent $ 2.6 billion to buy data analysis company.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google's largest search engine, announced on June 6 that it will buy Looker - a private equity firm in...

Microsoft shares set a record, capitalization exceeded $1,000 billion.

Microsoft stock prices rose sharply on Friday trading session, bringing the world's largest "software empire" capitalization to over $ 1 trillion. At closing, Microsoft shares...

Jeff Bezos drives a bulldozer at Amazon’s airport project.

The richest man on the planet was surprised to drive a bulldozer at the start of Amazon's new airport development project. Amazon's $ 1.5 billion...