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Impressive dresses at Cannes red carpet 2019

The red carpet of Cannes 2019 Film Festival has many beautiful costumes showing off. On the opening ceremony of Cannes 2019, Elle Fanning appeared as the youngest member of the jury. She attracted attention with Valentino’s Haute Couture dress. As an annual face at the Cannes Film Festival in recent years, Bella Hadid has always […]

Elle Fanning is gorgeous with penetrating fashion.

Despite the cross-section of the dress, the youngest Cannes 2019 film judge does not look offensive. Appears on the red carpet of Cannes 2019 Film...

The most impressive dress in Cannes for 32 years.

More than 30 years passed, the moment Princess Diana matched with her husband in the only time appearing at Cannes Film Festival still has...

Sui He’s wearing the shocking costumes on Cannes red carpet

Cannes red carpet event has just witnessed an unexpected molting image of Sui He - one of Asia's leading models with shocking costumes. Once a...