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“Four pillars” of world technology face an extensive US investigation.

The US Justice Department said on July 23 that it will open a large-scale investigation into major technology firms to determine whether they are engaged in anticompetitive behaviors. Reuters said that this is the most powerful sign that the Trump administration is strengthening the monitoring of big technology firms or collectively called Big Tech. The […]

Stay away from Facebook to be safe?

Wozniak is said to have removed his personal Facebook account from last year, and now he recommends that everyone follow suit. Steve Wozniak, warning people...

Facebook outlines a few ideas for oversight board.

Facebook has been feedback that is soliciting the last six months from more than 650 people at workshops in 88 countries on its draft...

Facebook made shocks with the Libra digital money.

Facebook has officially announced its first electronic currency named Libra. Facebook its own digital currency, "Libra", towards a cheap and usable global payment method...