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“Four pillars” of world technology face an extensive US investigation.

The US Justice Department said on July 23 that it will open a large-scale investigation into major technology firms to determine whether they are engaged in anticompetitive behaviors. Reuters said that this is the most powerful sign that the Trump administration is strengthening the monitoring of big technology firms or collectively called Big Tech. The […]

Google spent $ 2.6 billion to buy data analysis company.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google's largest search engine, announced on June 6 that it will buy Looker - a private equity firm in...

Microsoft shares set a record, capitalization exceeded $1,000 billion.

Microsoft stock prices rose sharply on Friday trading session, bringing the world's largest "software empire" capitalization to over $ 1 trillion. At closing, Microsoft shares...

Google “kills” Google Trips.

Google has confirmed that "the death" of the Google Trips app on 5/8 this year. This decision is absolutely not surprising because Google recently...