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Samsung, the “favored fisherman” in the US war against Huawei?

The biggest beneficiary of the US government’s war against Huawei could be Samsung. Samsung’s position as the world’s largest smartphone (smartphone) manufacturer has been threatened by Huawei’s strong rise in recent years. In addition, the problems that Samsung’s foldable (foldable) screen phone encountered after its debut a little while ago made the company postpone the […]

How wealthy is Huawei?

2018 is considered a very successful business year for Huawei with a 21% increase in profit compared to the previous year. Huawei, the full name...

Galaxy Note 10: No physical press SPACEBAR, no headphone jack.

The trivia information has revealed more specific details about Samsung's highly-expected new device – the Galaxy Note 10. According to the information on the AndroidPolice...