$5.000 is not enough to buy the Pro Display XDR .

Apple introduced the Pro computer screen Display XDR at the ongoing World Developers Conference (WWDC), with prices up to $ 5,000, with outstanding features. However, the most noticeable point of this screen is that it is not available … the base and want to use it, users will have to buy additional support for the product for $999.

At WWDC, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced Apple’s latest generation Mac Pro computer, with a “super” configuration, including the new generation Intel Xeon processor with 28 cores and sets. RAM up to 1.5TB with capacity of up to 300W and possesses a powerful industrial cooling system. This allows it to run unlimitedly at maximum capacity at all times.

Of course, this powerful configuration comes at a price not cheap at all, when the Mac Pro costs up to $ 5,999.

Pro-Display-XDR A series of strange inventions like stepping out of fiction.

The price of $ 5,999 is just the price of a Mac Pro computer, meaning that if you want to use the product, users need to buy more screens for this computer. And Apple has also introduced a screen that comes with the name Pro Display XDR. The product is 32-inch, 6K resolution, supports true 10-bit color range, maximum 1,600 nit brightness, 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio, super-wide viewing angle … Product Also, the price is not cheap, up to $4,999.

However, it is worth mentioning that this screen with a very “harsh” price is not sold with … stand. It means that if you want to use the product, users will use … something to put the screen on, or spend it to buy more accessories or brackets for this monitor sold by Apple.

Users can spend … $999 to buy a stand base called Pro Stand for the product screen, or an amount of 199USD to buy a hanger called VESA to mount the monitor on a wall or rack.

With the Pro Stand stand, users can easily adjust the height of the screen or rotate the screen vertically.

XDR-pro-stand A series of strange inventions like stepping out of fiction.
Display XDR Pro Stand

Of course, the amount of $999 for a screen stand is not small. With this money, users can still buy a high-quality computer monitor from other technology firms. And in order to be able to own a complete Mac Pro computer (including the device, screen and … stand), users will have to spend a total of $11.997 (excluding taxes), a small number for a desktop computer.

VESA-stand A series of strange inventions like stepping out of fiction.
Display XDR VESA stand

Shortly after the introduction of the Pro Stand stand for “crazy” prices, Apple immediately became a satirical subject of technology. Many people have been reluctant to criticize Apple for “blood-sucking” users excessively, when turning an indispensable item of a computer screen (the base) into something that can be earned money.