Asgardia’s ‘cosmic nation’ will build an outer city to house 15 million people.

Asgardia – the first self-proclaimed cosmic nation in the world with the ambition to build a city in outer space to house 15 million people when the Earth disaster catastrophic destruction.

With construction costs up to 130 billion USD, Asgardia is the first project to establish an independent space country proposed by billionaire – Russian scientist Igor Ashurbeyli in October 2016.

Named after Asgard – a kingdom in Norse mythology, Asgardia wishes to become the “first cosmic nation”, bringing a peaceful society, helping people access to space technology more easily, and protect the Earth from outer threats like meteorites or comets.

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Although everything sounds like a Hollywood movie, in fact, the Asgardian founders are completely serious about their projects.

Asgardia has now attracted nearly 300,000 people from 204 countries around the world to register as residents since the project started up nearly 3 years ago.

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In 2017, Asgardia successfully launched Asgardia-1 satellite into orbit, carrying 0.5 TB of personal data of nearly 20,000 Asgardian citizens, including personal photos and information about the flag and country Coat of arms and the constitution of the new nation.

Most recently, the self-proclaimed space nation of Asgardia has come up with an extremely ambitious plan to build giant-sized projects in orbit near the Earth (or LEO – Low Earth Orbit) , which has an altitude of about 161 – 321 km from the ground. This is the trajectory of the ISS space station.

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These space cities were named Noah-Ark by Asgardia, in order to recall the legend of the giant Noah that saved mankind from the great flood mentioned in the Bible. However, the “cosmic version of Noah” was developed to create a new habitat for mankind, in case the Earth encounters a disaster of future destruction.

It cost $ 130 billion to build the space city.

Basically, building space stations of any size or genre and putting people on it is an extremely expensive proposition. For example, the International Space Station (ISS), the size of a football stadium, has cost up to $ 100 billion, contributed from 18 different countries. Meanwhile, the cheapest flight to the current orbit is SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, which also requires about $ 43 to $ 65 million per launch.

But the head of Asgardia, billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli, said that the cost of building each space city, or rather a giant space station, is estimated to cost about $ 130 billion. All of these space stations are expected to house approximately 15 million Earth inhabitants.

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If the cost of construction is accurate according to calculations by billionaire Igor Ashurbeyl, the mobilization of such a large sum of money is also an extremely difficult problem for Asgardia, even when the space nation has established itself. backed by this Russian billionaire.

When asked about funding for Asgardia, the self-proclaimed spokesperson of the cosmic space said it would raise capital by charging the first 7 million residents of Asgardia. With a 1000 Euro fee to contribute to the construction cost, the donors will receive official citizenship and a passport book, recognizing them as a resident of the cosmic nation Asgardia. In addition, Asgardia will also seek about 7 billion more euros from some of the major investors who remain anonymous.

With a total budget of about 15 billion Euros, this amount will be invested by Asgardia in researching and developing plans to send people to live on space. Asgardia is also preparing to issue a separate cryptocurrency called Solar this month to continue raising funds.

Billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli said the Asgardia project’s goal is to build a population of up to 150 million people within 10 years and build an artificial gravity station that could provide the conditions for 15 million people to have can live independently in space and the long-term goal of 24 years is to bring humans to live on the Moon by 2043.

According to billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli, the Asgardia project was his childhood dream: “I used to enjoy doing something that no one else had ever done, my dream was to create an independent nation.” “It’s not an illusion like going to Mars or the Milky Way – I want something more realistic.”

However, this project also received much skepticism from the public, when many people thought that this was essentially a “ghost” project designed to steal money.

Reportedly, one of Asgardia’s most ambitious plans is to become a member of the United Nations. To achieve this, the UN Security Council first needs to approve Asgardia’s national status application. After that, two-thirds of the General Assembly must support Asgardia’s joining the United Nations.