Be wary of revealing phone passwords via screen touch tones.

Hackers can eavesdrop on the sound when touching the screen to enter a password, and from there use simulation software to gain unauthorized access to your device.

Recently, researchers from the University of Cambridge (UK) and Linköping University (Sweden) have warned about a completely new way to attack mobile devices, which is to hear the sound when the user touches. screen to type the password.

To do this, the hacker would previously build a malicious code to activate the microphone on the device to collect the user-generated sound, regardless of when listening to music, watching movies, typing text, or Type the password on the screen.

Algorithms simulated by researchers can predict exactly 31 out of 50 4-digit login information in less than 10 attempts. With a longer password, the right guessing rate will decrease, but this is still a rather worrying method of stealing information.

“This type of attack has not yet occurred, but in the near future, it will certainly be exploited by hackers,” said Ilia Shumailov, the team leader.

iPhone-Passcode Be wary of revealing phone passwords via screen touch tones.

Mobile users’ passwords can be stolen by hackers in many different ways. One of the most common cases is when users use an easy-to-guess password, like 123456 or 111111. At this point, hackers can easily access the device without even trying too hard. a lot of.

Another popular way is to create a fake website that mimics the official website of a certain service, such as banking, payment, game sites. From there, if the user enters personal information, it is certain that the information will be stolen.

Source: Ubergizmo