Bitcoin’s “father” may be a drug boss.

One of the most mysterious and oldest mysteries of all time when “who is really the founder of Bitcoin”, may have had the answer.

Until now, it was assumed that Satoshi Nakamoto was the mysterious man behind Bitcoin – the first electronic currency in the world.

The name of this character is mentioned, due to the appearance of the first Bitcoin transaction, with the beneficiary Hal Finney – a game programmer, and also among the most enthusiastic about Bitcoin .

But who is Satoshi Nakamoto’s nature, no one can identify. The code since then has been repeated, and even considered a legend.

The search for the whereabouts of “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

In 2014, Newsweek’s reporter made an identity search for Bitcoin’s founder. Finally, an Asian man with silver hair named Dorian S.Nakamoto entered suspicion. Mr. Nakamoto has many years of working as an engineer, and has quite a private life.

Satoshi-Nakamoto Bitcoin's "father" may be a drug boss.
Satoshi Nakamoto

However, the then 70-year-old man admitted to a few reporters that he had only heard of Bitcoin a few weeks ago. He also affirmed that not the founder, nor the manager, did not participate in the virtual money market.

In 2016, the investigation turned to an Australian businessman, Craig Wright, who suddenly announced that he was the creator of Bitcoin and began to provide compelling evidence.

Even the publisher of the Bitcoin at the time, Gavin Adresen, claimed 98% that Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto.

Craig-Wright Bitcoin's "father" may be a drug boss.

However, the affirmation received mixed opinions, causing great skepticism in the online virtual community, and even attracting the FBI. In the midst of the controversy, Wright suddenly deleted his post and made an incomprehensible apology. However, he is clearly not the real father of Bitcoin.

Recently, many clues and evidence point to a completely different name, but quite logical and convincing, it is Paul Le Roux – a drug trafficking criminal and has been in jail since 2012.

Is the father of Bitcoin a criminal?

Paul-Le-Roux Bitcoin's "father" may be a drug boss.
Paul Le Roux was arrested on charges of drug trafficking.

Before becoming a criminal, Paul Le Roux was an excellent programmer and had many ideas. The identity of this character has many similarities with Satoshi Nakamoto.

The first thing that caught the online community’s attention was Paul’s full name, “Solotshi Calder Le Roux Paul”. But Soloshi and Satoshi, if you look at it, will look very similar.

Besides, the programming and coding preferences of these two characters are no less “suspicious”.

Specifically, according to Wikipedia, in 1997, Paul created E4M, a software capable of encrypting the entire drive. Previously, he was an excellent programmer in C ++ programming language, so was Satoshi.

Paul is obsessed with code, privacy and online betting. Satoshi is also known for similar interests.

Among the most compelling evidence that Paul Le Roux may be the founder of Bitcoin, it is impossible not to mention that the criminal owns up to 1 million Bitcoin hidden in the personal hard drive.

However, it was “frozen” and no one could access it, nor took it. Many people believe that it has been encrypted by E4M created by himself.

It is understandable that a criminal who loves programming owns so much Bitcoin is understandable, since virtual currency trading has long been associated with criminal activities. However, there are other explanations that he is the creator of Bitcoin, and the number of 1 million BTC assets in the wallet is to wait for the cash transfer.

Some of Paul’s former colleagues said they were convinced by this detail, and believed that it was Paul who created Bitcoin.

In 2011, Satoshi suddenly disappeared from Bitcoin trading activities. This was the same year Paul moved from software development to the boss role of a drug dealer, and was arrested shortly thereafter.

Paul-Le-Roux-3 Bitcoin's "father" may be a drug boss.
Paul Le Roux was arrested by US special police.

However, these are still just hypotheses with a bit of logic and reasoning. Whether or not the criminal of the Rhodesian region is the founder of Bitcoin cannot be clarified due to the lack of concrete evidence, or a confession from some living witness.

This may not be the answer to all the mysteries involving the most valuable virtual currency of all time and “ghost” Satoshi Nakamoto behind it.