Ed Sheeran erased the line between reality and the virtual world.

The combination of attractive computer technology and choreography, the images in pop music’s latest music video Ed Sheeran keep viewers from admiring their surprise.

Ed-Sheeran-Cross-Me How can I stop people from sharing my public profile on Facebook?

Pop singer Ed Sheeran recently showed off all the top computer techniques in a very complex music video, combining motion and computer effects.

Ed Sheeran’s Cross Me music video begins with the appearance of professional dancer Courtney Scarr in a light-making suit. Scarr then transformed into a virtual world character throughout the song.

In the video appear human animation, lighting effects, backdrop outside the baseball field, video games or movies, …

Both Sheeran and the famous rapper Chance the Rapper appeared in the MV as their own animated version. They move and perform actions to integrate with the virtual world. Viewers are almost attracted by the eclipse between the real and virtual worlds in this MV.

Cross Me music video is the product of director Ryan Staake. He also participated in the compilation of the MV for The Chemical Brothers.