Galaxy Note 10: No physical press SPACEBAR, no headphone jack.

The trivia information has revealed more specific details about Samsung’s highly-expected new device – the Galaxy Note 10.

According to the information on the AndroidPolice and the sources close to Samsung, Korean technology company will probably remove 3.5 mm headphone jack on its new phablet. Even, physical keys on the edge can also be removed. The previous physical press keys such as the warm-down, source or Bixby key are expected to be replaced by the capacitive touch key or the touch force.

While this information may result in certain reactions to users who are already familiar with these keystrokes now. However, this is a tough trend that can resist. Now, Google, OnePlus, Huawei, and Apple all have removed the 3.5 mm headphone jack on high-class phone models. Even, many other phones such as Mi 9 of Xiaomi, Honor 20 of Honor or Reno by Oppo have dropped the familiar headphone jack.

If you give up the traditional headphone jack, Samsung might be equipped with a moderate USB Type-C port to charge medium to listen to music.

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In addition, the removal of headphone jacks is also how Samsung encourages users to use wireless headphones. Early this year Samsung has launched the Galaxy Buds wireless headset with the hopes of promoting the business of wearble devices that are competing in very strong competition.

According to experts, these changes made by Samsung towards a more compact device, increasing water resistance and dust resistance. In addition, the removal of physical keys will help the frame of the device will support the cut hole, so the hardness is still guaranteed and the device is lighter.