Google “kills” Google Trips.

Google has confirmed that “the death” of the Google Trips app on 5/8 this year. This decision is absolutely not surprising because Google recently redesigned the Trips app on the web platform to replace the app on Android.

Rather than “complete” the Google Trips application, the giant search is simply to move this app onto the Web platform.

The app can still be downloaded through the Google Play Store and there is no mention of the app that will be. However, according to the report from the XDA Developers phone software developer community, the Google Trips support page has been updated to reflect the changes.

Support for the Google Trips app will end on 5/8/2019. Until then, you can still access and email all booking requests with your travel notes as usual.

Google seems to have no plans to replace Google Trips with a different mobile app. Instead, users should start looking for information that is typically provided by Google Trips in other Google services like Google Search and Google Maps.

If you feel that you can’t live without Google Trips, you can always use the web version of the app after 5/8.