iOS 13 is good, but do not rush to upgrade

Many users said after upgrading iOS 13 beta, their iPhone frequently lost Wi-Fi connectivity, performance decreased and encountered abnormal battery drop phenomenon.

At the WWDC 2019 developer conference, Apple introduced the iOS 13 (Beta) operating system. This version promises to bring some UI changes like Darkmode, enhanced security, and improved device performance.

After an iOS 13 beta release for developers launched, iPhone users in Vietnam have pulled together to try to upgrade to experience new features.

However, no fewer people had to “Shout” because the upgrade process was not able to install the float. Moreover, the experience of using is also not really good.

iOS 13 – complex settings.

One of the conditions Apple requires users to be able to upgrade the operating system iOS 13 Beta is to install through a MAC computer running macOS 10.15 Beta version or using the Xcode 11 Beta toolkit, which was released on Apple’s homepage.

The upgrade process is not going smoothly. Downloading Apple’s Xcode 11 Beta toolkit also causes users to experience less difficulties. Many users said Apple’s server lacks stability, slow download speeds, frequent loss of connectivity.

ios13 How can I stop people from sharing my public profile on Facebook?

Currently, on technology forums, users are sharing several methods to be able to install iOS version 13 beta with the Windows 10 operating system. Accordingly, the upgrade will be done through 3uTools software or the Command Prompt (CMD) program.

However, these methods are not officially supported by Apple and survive many risks of device failure as well as data loss. Some users said their Iphones were “hanging apples ” and lost all data when upgrading iOS 13 beta Following the instructions above.

Many bugs, used unstable.

“After updating to iOS 13 Beta, Face ID on my iPhone X works unstable, is almost impossible to use. The machine also heats up very quickly and has a abnormal battery drop “, account Tuan Anh Bui commented on a post on Facebook.

Not to stop there, many users also share after upgrading iOS 13 Beta, their iPhone encountered a series of different bugs such as Wi-Fi flickering, unable to set the auto brightness, the third-party applications are regularly broken out. Even, some older models like the iPhone 7, 8, 8 Plus cannot be used with Touch ID.

After updating iOS 13 Beta, many users indicate that their device works unstable.

ios13 How can I stop people from sharing my public profile on Facebook?

“On this version, the performance of the device is lacking stability. When switching to Darkmode, the machine is usually climmer about 5 seconds “, a client says.

“Overall, this version of iOS 13 Beta is still experiencing a lot of bugs. After a day of experience, I had to downgrade to iOS 12.3.1 to be able to use the machine more stable, “a user writes on a technology forum.

“This is the test version for developers. The existence of many bugs is completely understandable. Ordinary users should not upgrade to this version because it is difficult to meet everyday needs “, a software technician said.

According to Forbes, the iOS 13 public beta version will release on July 7. Meanwhile, the official version will reach the users in autumn, maybe 9 months.