Reveal changes on iPhone 11 and iOS 13.

iPhone 11 and iOS will include many changes that we have anticipated before.

There are only about 2 months left to launch the official version iPhone 11 and iOS 13. And recently, YouTube EverythingApplePro channel, along with leaked specialist Max Weinbach, revealed some interesting new information around Apple ‘s upcoming product lines.

iPhone 11: Upgrade camera, change design, …

The successor generation for iPhone Xs and Xs Max is said to be named iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. Accordingly, both new iPhone models will still be equipped with large AMOLED screen 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch respectively. And of course, this is also the third year Apple will reuse the “rabbit ears” design on its iPhones.

iPhone-11-3 Reveal changes on iPhone 11 and iOS 13.

However, new sources show that Apple seems to be updating the Face ID face recognition system, giving the ability to identify at a closer distance as well as having a wider viewing angle than the older generation.

Going to the back, the biggest change point is probably from the new camera cluster. iPhone 11 will be equipped with a new 3-camera cluster which includes a 12MP main camera, comes with a 120-degree wide-angle camera, supports optical anti-shake with telephoto lens and main lens.

In addition, Apple will upgrade the new LED flash on the iPhone 11, allowing for increased brightness without increasing the size of the flash.

Finally, Apple is expected to upgrade its powerful digital signal processor (ISP) to improve image quality and integrate new Smart HDR modes. Although not disclosing details, according to sources, the signal processor will produce images “better than any manufacturer like Google, Samsung or Huawei did before.”

Regarding the design on the iPhone 11, Apple is confirmed to be equipped with a matte glass coating on high-end iPhone 11 devices. This overlay will not be the same as on Pixel devices but will easily recognize the change. In addition, the steel frame on the gray version will also be less polished than its predecessors. The dual speakers of the device will be upgraded for better sound quality.

iOS 13: Siri upgrade, Dark Mode, …

Besides the upgrades from hardware, of course, Apple will also launch iOS 13 with many improvements in software. Specifically, iPhone 11 will be pre-installed with iOS 13 at launch. Earlier, we have also summarized some of the key features in the upcoming iOS 13 update, and today, new sources in addition to confirming previous rumors also reveal some new details.

In Dark Mode, iOS 13 will use the main gray color throughout the system, instead of using the typical black pixels of the AMOLED screen as the user expected before. Apple is also expected to bring Dark Mode to third-party applications in collaboration with application developers.

iPhone-11 Reveal changes on iPhone 11 and iOS 13.

Next is the Siri virtual assistant will also be upgraded, support more advanced commands, improve the ability to understand contextual and general understanding.

Finally, iOS 13 will come with a new intelligent RAM manager that allows users to self-study user habits to “preload” the necessary applications to improve user experience.

The new iPhone 11 duo and iOS 13 will be officially unveiled at Apple’s annual launch event in September.