Samsung has started researching about 6G

According to KoreaHerald, a representative of Samsung on Tuesday (June 5), the company has started to study the 6th generation telecommunications network technology (also known as 6G) at a new R&D center. founded, in the southern region of Seoul.

The Korean tech giant has also strengthened its existing telecommunications research team (also called Samsung Research) to move on to a new project, in the context that the company has successfully studied 5G and initially entered the application this technology.

“Samsung’s current research group on telecommunications technology standards has been expanded and began to focus on 6G networks,” a Samsung spokesman said.

However, it will take many more years for 6G to become a clear concept, when 5G network then became popular and widely applied.

Along with 6G, Samsung Research team will be responsible for conducting research and development (R&D) on artificial intelligence and robots.

Earlier, a number of big technology corporations in China, and even the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT), confirmed that they have started studying about 6G.

Source: KoreaHerald