Cloudy hat island in the middle of the Atlantic.

From a distance, the island is like appearing in fairy tales when covered by clouds above.

Lítla Dímun is the smallest of the 18 islands of the Faroe Islands, south of Stóra Dímun and northeast of Suðuroy Island of the North Atlantic.

The area of ​​Lítla Dímun is only about 0.82km2. It is the only island on the Faroe Islands uninhabited.

The most special feature of Lítla Dímun is that it is often covered by a unique lens-shaped cloud. This type of cloud is formed when moist air moves through the top of the mountain, forming “vibrating waves” that vaporize overflowing air. From a distance, the island looks like wearing a “cloud hat” on its head, located in the middle of the vast ocean.

Currently, only seabirds live on the island. In the summer, there are about 300 sheep of people in Hvalba (Suðuroy Island) brought to the pasture, but when winter comes, they come back to the herd. To look after the sheep, people built temporary shelters.

The extreme weather in Lítla Dímun accompanied by uninhabited conditions make it difficult to visit the island. Travel page “Visit Faroe Island,” said, visitors can only come to the island in the good weather.