Dubrovnik, King’s Landing of the movie Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik is the most populous city in Croatia. Also easy to understand, because Dubrovnik has the true beauty of a city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the wind, with attractions and not separated too far, the price is much more pleasant than other European tourist cities.

The old town is Roman style.

Dubrovnik-4 Dubrovnik, King’s Landing of the movie Game of Thrones

The first goal for all tourists to Dubrovnik is to explore the old town. The neighborhood is based on the cliffs, overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea, the waves rocked. All the old or new houses are mainly painted in red tile, so the top look is eye-on.

The neighborhood is completely dedicated to the pedestrian and rich in ancient Roman style with the city of housing architecture, commercial areas, shopping centers, visitors to Dubrovnik will surely be pleased to enjoy the feeling of romantic walking There are rare places. The old town of Dubrovnik has 1 distinctive white stone that is smooth and has a “luxury” section. If the Game of Thrones is a fan, it is easy to recognize the places used as the backdrop for the movie such as the Pile Gate, Pile Bay, Jesuit staircase, St. Dominic Street…

Aside from sightseeing, the pedestrian area of Dubrovnik is also a place for guests to have a tired stop at the two-party coffee shops along the street with chat. If you want to shop, head to the Stradun-a Gothic-style shopping route that is located just around the city of Dubrovnik walking Street.

Old City Wall-Unesco World Heritage Site.

Old-City-wall-Unesco-World-Heritage Dubrovnik, King’s Landing of the movie Game of Thrones

As 1 of the Unesco World Heritage sites, the city walls enveloped the high-25m old town, which is almost 2 km long as the most tourist attraction in Croatia. This is a “prime” location so you can admire the ancient architecture of the red-orange roof, the narrow alleyways of the maze, the moss walls, and the old church bells.

On the walls, guests will enjoy the views of the sea, a panoramic view of the old town, looking to Fort Lovrijenac. Another special way to visit this is to see Dubrovnik through the small holes on the walls, usually the observation holes of the former guards. You can buy the “Dubrovnik card”, which is an integrated ticket for the city walls, Fort Lovrijenac, and some of the interesting museums.

The Srđ Hill.

Dubrovnik-2-1 Dubrovnik, King’s Landing of the movie Game of Thrones

For a view of Dubrovnik from above, the best place is the Srđ hill. You can walk the sights on the climb road up to a hilltop with more than 3 km away and steep. Or buy a cable car ticket right from the old town. The hill has often been the year in the list of “top” of the world’s most beautiful sunset sights. From here, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the old town, as well as the setting of the undulating islands of water waves in the west.

Visit Lokrum Island.

Visit-Lokrum-Island Dubrovnik, King’s Landing of the movie Game of Thrones

Lokrum is also one of the filming of the popular movie Game of Thrones. It is a small island about 15 minutes by train from Dubrovnik. The island has 1 saltwater pool similar to the Dead Sea in Israel with a high concentration of salt so whether swimming or not you still float on the water easily. Babies love to be waving in the lake. Parents are extremely assured because there is no need to keep an eye on me but can still read the books on the sea or sunbathe on the large boulders that are quite available on the island. In addition, there is a museum in the island, 1 small restaurant for lunch, lots of rabbits, public and squirrels wandering around.