Experience the beautiful sunrise at a volcano in Bali

Stopping in Indonesia, try to forget the “eat-pray” story where the island of Bali Paradise. Indonesia is full of wonders waiting for you to explore, as the small town of Cemoro Lawang and the beautiful Bromo volcano are stunned in the mist.

Leave Bali a night in June, leave the breakfast on the pool in Ubud, Bali Swing, infinity pool or check out the virtual live spots that are not to be missed in Bali, I am looking to Cemoro Lawang-small town located near the Bromo volcano at an altitude of over 2000m. If Bali is heaven on the ground, Bromo in my eyes, is a paradise of quietness, which is in the clouds with the best travel experiences I’ve ever known.

Indonesia not only has a Bali with millions of visitors each year, eastern Java is also hiding the volcano of Bromo-a well-depressed beauty that makes people feel stunned.

“Probolingo?”, the boy asked when the car transported from Bali just to Probolingo.

“Yes yes, but no No… Bangyuagga, “I just said just about Google Maps. That’s the bus stop.

From Bali, you’ll take about 10 hours to reach the city of Probolingo. From here, guests will have to sit in the car-a 15-seater, antique and saggy van, to get to Cemoro Lawang village. Must be enough guests to transfer the cake, or you have to share money for the price of a car around 400-600 IDR (equivalent to 30 – 45 USD). After waiting for an hours, my car is also 15 people, divided by just about IDR 35,000 per person.

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After about 1 and a half hours, the car reached the town, driving each group of travelers to the guesthouse-the little town. You will pay 20.000 IDR tickets to the town, not to the national garden where the Bromo volcano is located.

The driver asked if we wanted to buy a Jeep tour to see the volcano. I have only two options, one is to walk about 2 hours up the observation point and then take a shortcut to the National garden, so it’s free but strenuous-and hid the ticket. Or not, he gave the price 350,000 IDR-not low but reasonable when the ticket to the National garden was more than 300,000 IDR, calculated out nearly 25USD. Thinking to wake up at 3 a.m. in the cold 9 degrees Celsius, I chose to buy a Jeep tour for comfort.

Cemoro Lawang is the transfer point for one-night travellers, early the morning after climbing Bromo and then a short description to Ijen-the famous Blue Lake, back in Surabaya or to Bali. The sun stretches across the mountain slopes, stretching in the fields of celery, and yellows in the roofs. Someone named Cemoro Lawang, as the small towns of the Himalayan peak are also true, the only place that looks far away is the volcanic mountains. I have not been to the Himalayas but the cold 9 degrees, the stillness is sometimes harassed by the horse and the horses are sure. From my vacation home, take a few steps to a hillside, looking far away from Bromo volcano. The sunset here is not as magnificent as dawn but in the sun the afternoon I also see a refresher. Before the night went down, I walked around the village and stopped at a “Warung”-the small cafeteria and back to sleep.

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“Room A2”, he drove straight into the door knocking, although I got up from 3h waiting.


Said, you took us to the car, the money paid the day before. Overall, everything here is quite cheap, the room price is over 300 trillion VND for 2 people/1 night. If you take the tour in conjunction with the Green Lake Ijen or take the package from Probolingo there will be another price, as long as beware of the tourist scam types.

The Jeep went to pick up a few more people before proceeding to Mount Bromo in the dawn. The outdoor temperature was only 7 degrees in size, since it was not prepared before, I had a slim jacket. Both long-haul Jeep transport tourists hard-drive on their way to Bromo made us have to walk a passage. Raised the head to the sky, and so long I haven’t seen the beautiful star sky-This is the sparkling night sky, the other side of the rose begins to go. Each group of tourists is in the same place, hoping to have beautiful places to see sunrise.

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Not wanting to squeeze there, the whole group of the Jeep climbed into a hillside behind. At first it was also feared that no one climbed, but thought of the whole scene of a lot of people sticking, I decided to keep the grass. And I know, it’s the most discerning decision in my travel life.

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Bromo Volcano and the mountain next to the front, the sun is slowly spreading, heating space and enchanted visitors. From above this, I like to feel the transformation of space, as a timelapse video of the sun slowly protrudes high. They are all silent, and are afraid of the movements and miss a rhythm of the sun. It was the most beautiful colors in my life: a cloud above the light blue phase, the pink slopes stretched over the yellow rays of sunshine. Bromo appears, magnificent and arrogant, surrounded by thin mist is not yet dissolved.

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Not to be mistaken for the circular mountain, the Mount Bromo is next door, but everyone must compete with the picturesque mountain. I understand why, the dawn made people die silent. It is the moment that enters the nature, does not suffer the Bon Chen, rush of life shoved. The dawn from the hillside overlooking Bromo is the most beautiful dawn of my life, until now. That moment, perhaps people want to wish for something, even if the star is going through the sky. As if there were thousand brilliant sun that was going to the hill, and we.

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With this simple tour, after being transported up to Mount Bromo viewpoint, the driver will take you to the sandy Sea-“Sea of Sand” as the locals still call, to begin the journey of volcanic climbing. Come here at about 6:30 a.m. when the sun is not yet sunny, the sand sea scenery is too dim because… Dust.

The road to the volcano is not too far away but also causes many people to swallow saliva when it is too dusty and especially after a little night’s sleep, up in 3 a.m. You can rent horses up to the foot of the volcano climbing ladder, both about 100,000 Idr (nearly 8USD) but I choose to walk-the part because I do not want to sit on the skinny horses, the part because I want to experience it myself.

The sand sea appears as the country of Arab or Central Asia distant, with the horse-blown horses, those who insist on the face of dust, horses lead the horse to carry tourists through the sea of sand, gradually through the alleys to reach the walking point. Someone finds himself as a caravan crossing the desert, or a tourist who crosses the sand wind on a thousand mile journey. The higher the back of the hill, the lower the scene appears as fanciful, as it is, as a chapter in a thousand Odd nights.

To the volcano climbing point, I had to cover the site because of the smell of sulfur from the mountain mouth with high rising smoke. Looking near, but climbing back to the stairs, I breathed because of the smell of the concentration-many people are very comfortable and have to sit. A bit of physical exertion to the crater of Bromo, one side of the entire sandy sea stretches, the other side is the fiery crater. It was the first time I found myself tiny and weak before nature. They were like small dots, and they were driven to the volcano, only to know that they were sufficiently motivated to conquer the high peaks of life.

The town of Cemoro Lawang welcome the weary travelers at 8 a.m.; Who prepares the furniture to go towards Ijen, who rests and goes on Probolingo or goes to Bali. I have the last peaceful moment, sip the ginger tea and see Cemoro Lawang last time.

Without going to Bali, we can still “eat-pray” and remain calm in this town. I will come back.