Strange culture of some countries in the world.

Many people have experienced cultural shocks when traveling abroad. However, each ethnic group teaches us nationally and culturally valuable lessons.
Here are the traditions that will surprise you.

1. India – Do not use toilet paper.

You will find it very difficult to find toilet paper in the toilet in India, instead a small bucket of water for washing.

2. Indonesia – Do not use the bathroom for 3 days after the wedding.

In Indonesia’s Tidong community, a newlywed couple will not be allowed to enter the bathroom for 3 days to avoid bad luck. Family members will monitor this to ensure the tradition is not broken.

3. Hello by … spitting – Kenya.

In many countries, spitting is considered rude but in the Maasai, Kenya tribes, this is a common greeting and shows respect. The tribe members will spit in their hands before shaking hands with others. They also do this with babies or even with a bride to bless and bless the bride.

4. Do not give gold roses – Mexico.

Do-not-give-gold-roses-Mexico How to treat depression with foods?

Roses are a favorite gift in the world. However, in Mexico, it is best not to give gold roses. It means death in Mexican culture.

5. Throw cinnamon on a single person – Denmark.

This is an old tradition from the 16th century Denmark. On your birthday, if you’re still single, your friends will throw cinnamon powder on you. This tradition involves Danish spice merchants who often have no time for marriage because they travel around the world to trade.

6. Meeting late – Venezuela.

Whether a meeting, or a party, Venezuelans often arrive later than the appointment time. They enjoy a slow lifestyle even in business. In big events, coming late shows importance.

7. Do not touch the cup – Hungary.

Even at the bar, it’s hard to see the Hungarians touching each other’s cups. This historic tradition dates back to 1848, when Austria defeated the Hungarian revolution and was honored by touching the cup. Therefore, the Hungarians decided not to touch the cup in the fun.

8. Let ants bite – Brazil.

Let-ants-bite-Brazil How to treat depression with foods?

In Brazil’s Sateré-Mawé tribe, when a boy reaches adulthood, he must perform a traditional dance while wearing gloves filled with bullets. This ritual is an easy challenge, because the ants bite is one of the most painful insect bites in the world.

9. Bungee jumping for a good harvest – Vanuatu.

On the island of Pentecost of Vanuatu, a bungee dance ceremony aims to have a good harvest. Men wrap grapes in their ankles and jump from above to the ground. They believe that touching good ground will improve a man’s physical health and bring good luck in the harvest.

10. Throwing furniture to the road – South Africa

On New Year’s Eve, many countries celebrate by shooting fireworks but in South Africa, people will throw things out the window. This tradition is monitored by the police to ensure no one is on the road injured.

11. Meeting in the sauna – Finland.

Meeting-in-the-sauna-Finland How to treat depression with foods?
Sauna Kaurila, Helsinki.

The sauna is a Finnish historical culture. People here often go to the sauna to talk about their business while relaxing.

12. Do not use your left hand – Middle East.

In some Middle Eastern countries, shaking hands or eating with the left hand can be considered rude and unsanitary. Since the left hand is used to wash after going to the toilet, it is considered a dirty hand that should never be used at the table or greeted by friends.