The "funeral" in Egypt.

Referring to the hidden lands with the most interesting things in the world, Egypt will certainly be the first name. Besides the pyramids, ancient tombs full of mysteries, Egypt also makes many people curious because of the strange customs, even difficult to accept. One of them is the practice of being buried.

Modern “burial” practices in Egypt.

Despite the same name as the ancient Chinese burial process, the nature of these two customs is not the same. In ancient China, the funeral process was dedicated to kings. Concubines and buried soldiers lived with the king’s body. This practice was soon abolished due to its barbarism.

And in Egypt, the “funeral” still takes place in modern times. When a family member dies, the survivors will have to move into the cemetery. Every day, they will be in charge of cleaning the grave. Usually, they will live in cemeteries for a long time, so that many cemeteries in Egypt live in the form of family. Finally, to make the practice more convenient, the Egyptians chose to build houses right at the cemetery. The tourists come here are extremely scared, but for the indigenous people, this is happiness.

In fact, this Egyptian tradition has a long history. The Egyptians attached great importance to the family, after the death of their relatives, so that they do not have to be alone, the survivors will accompany them. Because life at the cemetery is difficult, many people will bring everyday items here. The cemetery of the poor looks very simple, while the rich can build a house right next to the grave.

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From a distance, these places do not look like cemeteries at all but feel very warm. The graves are concentrated in one place, so far this place has become a tourist attraction. If visitors want to come here, they have to hold or wear a flower to pay homage to the deceased. When visiting, visitors are not allowed to speak aloud. Because the dead have fallen asleep in the ground, if the noise wakes them up, you will be struck by disaster.

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For the owner of the cemetery, cleaning is the happiest thing every day. However, cleaning this place is quite troublesome, using water to clean it. Outside each tomb has special symbols so ordinary people can not easily enter.

Currently, there are many Egyptians living in the tombs, maybe even they have formed a village. There are also lots of shops here that cater to the living. In Egypt, cemetery villages like this are not uncommon. When building the cemetery, the Egyptians also designed the entire room.

What is in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun?

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Discovered in 1922, but until recently, the most important treasures in the mausoleum of Pharaoh Tutankhamun – the legendary king of ancient Egypt were taken out of the crypt.

In 1922, an archaeological team led by British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered one of the most valuable monuments in history. Inside an Egyptian forest, Carter’s team unearthed the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, which holds many treasures and artifacts of historical value.

Typically, the artifacts in the tomb will be moved to the museum to conduct renovations, for research and display. However, the famous curse of Tutankhamun has brought disaster and death to most archaeologists exploring this tomb. Concerned by the sacred curse and the mystery behind it, the relocation of the treasures was postponed until July 2019.

For the first time, all the treasures inside Tutankhamun’s tomb were brought out to the public for viewing. Recently, the coffin of the Egyptian king has also been revealed. Tutankhamun’s large coffin overall consisted of three nested coffins. The innermost part of the mummy was made of monolithic gold, the middle one was made of wood with many pieces of colorful glass and the largest one was made of gilded wood.

The gilded wooden outer coffin underwent a restoration and was announced in the media a few days ago. Meanwhile, the remaining 2 coffins have been stored in the Egyptian Museum Giza to wait for restoration. Egyptian Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anany said the restoration of the coffins would take at least eight months. He said the solid gold coffin was in poor condition because it had not undergone any restoration since its first discovery in 1922.

But less than 2 coffins inside, the outer coffin also made people admire the sophistication. The coffin measuring 2.21 m long after the first restoration was removed from the tomb under close supervision. The outside of the coffin is covered with intricate sculptures. Especially at the foot of the foot is the engraving depicting images of ancient Egyptian gods.

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The entire coffin was made in the shape of a complete human body in a lying posture with two outstretched legs, two crossed arms holding a hook and across, symbols of the power of ancient Egypt. Part of the face is intricately carved to help the viewer can guess the character in the tomb is a young king. According to the study, Tutankhamun came to power at age 9, he remained in office until his death at the age of 18.

The wooden coffin still has some cracks and will be repaired a second time in the near future. Expected, the public will be able to admire the coffin, along with other artifacts belonging to the king at the Egyptian Museum Giza in 2020.

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