Visit the charming Cinque Terre of Italy

Cinque Terre in the eyes of World tourists is one of Italy’s most beautiful areas. Located in the northwest with many small towns here built on steep hills and extremely rugged high cliffs facing the Mediterranean.

Cinque Terre is a cluster of 5 fishing villages along the Mediterranean coast in Italy. The Cinque Terre Italy tourist attracts world tourists not by the magnificent nature of the massive architecture but because the colorful houses are craggy on the craggy cliffs. These five lovely small villages were also recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

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The Cinque Terre is located west of the city of La Spezia, in the Liguria region, in the northwest of Italy. Cinque Terre is a name given by locals from the 15th century. In Italian, it means “five lands”, because it consists of five fishing villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore

What time should you travel to the Cinque Terre Italy?

The best time to travel to the Cinque Terre Italy is at the end of April to September, very suitable for swimming and climbing activities. The day I left at the end of April, it was not the peak season of Italian tourism, but it was too crowded. I don’t think this place is so crowded with European tourists. You should book your accommodation as soon as possible if you go on July 7-8.

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Experience traveling when traveling to Italy Cinque Terre

Experience traveling from other cities to Cinque Terre.

From Milan Capital to Cinque Terre.

Take the bus: the cheapest is Flixbus.

Train: Book Trenitalia – Italy’s national shipping company. The self-sufficient Cinque Terre travel experience is that you should book tickets online only when determining the exact departure time. The price will be a bit cheaper than buying directly at a ticket office or ticket machine at the pier. The day I bought online before about 2 weeks, the price was 20 € pm from Milan-Cinque Terre (3.5h). I went to the ticket machine at the pier the day after and checked the ticket price, then the price was 27 €. Online tickets can only go to the right time, so it is a bit inconvenient if you want to go a little sooner or later.

I do not recommend driving here. Since there are almost no parking spaces in villages, travel is quite inconvenient.

From other cities to the Cinque Terre.

If you come from Venice, Florence or Rome, most of them have to go to many stages. Usually, the train will be transferred to Pisa before going on.

  • Pisa- Cinque Terre: 1 hour.
  • Florence-Cinque Terre: 2 hours.
  • Rome-Cinque Terre: 4-5 hours.

Experience of traveling in Cinque Terre Italy.

Five villages in the Cinque Terre are connected by roads, railways, and waterways. But the most convenient way for Italian cinque Terre tourists is by trains. You should buy a Cinque Terre Card (16 €) to be able to ride an unlimited ship within 5 villages and La Spezia, Levanto. This card can be purchased at most docks. There is a 4.5 € single ticket valid for 75 minutes but I do not recommend buying this ticket.

The day I traveled to Cinque Terre, I slept overnight in La Spezia so I bought it at the pier there. You just notice there are places where the Cinque Terre Cardboard is available for purchase.

In addition to using the Cinque Terre Card Train, there are the following incentives:

  • Entering the area of ​​Trekking No.2
  • Use Toilet for free,
  • Use buses to move between villages,
  • Free or discounted tickets for some museums,
  • Access Wifi,

Where to travel in Cinque Terre?

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When traveling to Cinque Terre Italy I recommend renting a hotel near La Spezia or Levanto pier. Prices here are cheaper than hotels in the villages of Cinque Terre. From here to the villages only 10 minutes away. The day I left, I stayed at an Airbnb apartment for 50 €. Spacious 60m2 house with 3 bedrooms. There are both washing machines and full kitchen appliances. The house is quite old but it is very clean. The apartment is only 3 minutes’ walk from the pier, near the park and a supermarket. If you go east but here, it will save quite a bit of cost. Honestly, it is hard to find cheap places, but up to 3 bedrooms. I guarantee! It’s just that the furniture looks a bit old.

Use this link to register an Airbnb account and book room will be discounted 55USD for the booking and first experience the 8 biggest discount codes today). Or you can register an account at Booking to receive 15 € after the first book booking. (Your account is always on).

What to play at the Cinque Terre Italy.

In general, the villages of Cinque Terre are quite similar, so you only need to travel to Cinque Terre in 2-3 villages if walking in the day is enough. I order the villages so go ahead.

Manarola – Riomaggiore – Vernazza – Corniglia – Monterosso al Mare.

The only means to get to Italy’s Cinque Terre is to only use the train. By car is a banned vehicle not used in this place. Let’s take an Italian tour to discover the beauty of the small villages of the Cinque Terre!

Manarola village.

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Manarola is the second and smallest village of the five villages mentioned above. This Italian Cinque Terre tourist destination is named the most beautiful village here and is also one of the eight most beautiful villages in Italy.

The village is famous for its colorful houses that are craggy in the ravine with one side of jagged rocky rapids, one side of the sea waves pattering. The most famous destination here is the road of love Via dell’Amore and the church of San Lorenzo. The village is quite small, so the tour is fast, just 1-2 hours is enough.

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Like Corniglia and Monterosso, the beautiful little village of Manarola on top of a large cliff below is the Mediterranean. This is considered the second small town in the group but the oldest. Manarola is known for its narrow stone streets and colorful buildings. Manarola is a famous fishing village with famous wine production from Roman times. Manarola is a great place for lovers of walking and sightseeing, you can go to the hills filled with grapes and this is probably the most famous and beautiful aisle in Cinque Terre.

Riomaggiore town.

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Riomaggiore is located in the southernmost part of the Cinque Terre, there are many famous specialties and traditional trades! The villages here are built on small hills. The town is known to World tourists for its historic buildings, large vineyards and, of course, the main wine producer in Cinque Terre. Riomaggiore has a small beach, walking through Via dell’Amore to Manarola, you will admire the old church of San Giovanni Battista reigning on a hillside facing the Mediterranean.

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Riomaggiore village is known for its colorful houses that are concave in the cave. This is the first village in 5 villages if you depart from La Spezia station. This cinque Terre tourist destination still retains much ancient architecture from the 13th century. The most prominent of these is the ancient temple of Castello di Riomaggiore on the top of the mountain. If you have time, climb up here to enjoy the view of the whole village from above. Very interesting and incredibly simple!

Beautiful little village Corniglia.

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Noisy, bustling like Monterosso, Corniglia is much more peaceful and charming. Located on top of a large cliff surrounded by vineyards, Corniglia and offers stunning views of the Mediterranean. Corniglia is characterized by narrow streets, ancient and simple buildings. Except for colorful houses, there will be some of Genoa’s finest architectural works built in the late 16th century. See the Mediterranean Sea in the sunset and enjoy a glass of white wine and solid food Italian products will make you passionate about Corniglia.

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Corniglia is the only village in Cinque Terre not close to the beach, unlike other villages. This Italian Cinque Terre tourist site is built on a cliff 100m above sea level so to get into this village you need to climb a steep bridge Ladarina is quite high. From here you will easily see the sea of ​​grass as well as the vast fields of grapes around. Picking grapes is also one of the interesting experiences chosen by many cinque Terre tourists.

Small village Monterosso al Mare.

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Monterosso is the largest and most remote village from La Spezia station. This Cinque Terre tourist destination is considered as the cultural and political center of the region. The village is divided into 2 distinct parts: Old town and New Town. To be able to travel between the two regions you can walk in the tunnel where the two places are separated. The most famous here is probably the beach of Fegina with rows of colorful cells. If you intend to swim when traveling to the Cinque Terre, the Monterosso Al Mare will probably be the first choice.

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Monterosso al Mare is now on the northwest coast with the prettiest and most beautiful beaches of the Italian Cinque Terre. Coming to Monterosso you will admire the wine shops, large handicraft shops, luxury hotels and restaurants built on the coast to serve the needs of visitors’ rest. small Monterosso is divided into Old and New Town connected by a primarily pedestrian tunnel.

People here say: ‘You will never have a sober head to be able to pass through here’ because of the extremely winding roads and many slopes with hidden corners, only one It is small that you can fall into the abyss. The famous Monterosso village with the San Francisco church inside has a large monastery containing the famous Van Dyck painting. The village is also known for offering citrus, olives and the best Italian white wine, so it will be an ideal Italian tourist destination that you must not miss when coming to Cinque Terre. no?

Vernazza small fishing village.

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Vernazza village is in the lowest position compared to other villages. The village is close to the sea and does not lie on the rugged cliffs. However, this place also has a very unique beauty that is difficult to confuse with other villages. Also, this is the only village that maintains traditional fishing in the Mediterranean today.

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Vernazza has restored its reputation after the historic flood in 2011 and became one of the most beautiful towns of the Cinque Terre Italy. Not only beautiful and charming, but it is also famous at the Cinque Terre harbor, but The colorful little village on the top of the white cliffs leads to the Mediterranean Sea. Walking between Vernazza and Monterosso is something many tourists like because they will be able to visit the wide vineyards. large, break into the traditional wine cellars up to hundreds of years on the Cinque Terre. Certainly, Cinque Terre will be an ideal place in your family’s Italian Tour.

Hiking between villages.

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In addition to visiting 5 villages when traveling to Cinque Terre, Cinque Terre tourists also have some activities such as hiking, swimming. With hiking, the visitors voted the road Vernazza – Monterosso or Riomaggiore- Manarola is the most beautiful scenery.

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You can consult and try if you have time. However, this trekking road is quite narrow and difficult to go to. Experience traveling cinque Terre is that you should wear comfortable footwear and bring little furniture for transportation. Time and distance between villages are as follows:

  • Riomaggiore – Manarola: 1.1km (25 minutes).
  • Manarola – Corniglia: 2.9 km (1h15p).
  • Corniglia – Vernazza: 3.5km (1h30p).
  • Vernazza – Monterosso: 3.6 km (2 hours).