Visit the outskirts of Paris.

Summer comes, it would be a great idea to visit Paris on the outskirts. Instead of the bustling atmosphere of the city, the outskirts of Paris have many interesting places.

By the way, it’s nice and many friends ask me, so I listed below a number of places to follow me so you should try to visit. Of course, it is not as spectacular as the famous tourist destinations of Paris but it’s perfect for those who want to change the daily routine and discover France’s nature.

1) Provins.

Provins Visit the outskirts of Paris.

Every year in mid-June there is a medieval festival (médiéval festival) that takes place in Provins. No need to introduce much, this year the festival will take place this weekend, lots of fun activities. With the Navigo card, you can go free train to Provins, go back in the day.

Provins-1 Visit the outskirts of Paris.
Provins medieval festival

2) Andelys, Giverny, Roche Guyon.

Andelys-2 Visit the outskirts of Paris. Giverny is very famous for having a beautiful garden house by Monet. However, few people know that only 20km away, there is an extremely cute little city, the city named Andelys. This small city is home to Château Gaillard and the magnificent houses of «Issue of Water-Based Painting». At Andelys, outside the beautiful walk along the river, visit château, follow me if you have time you should go rando along Falaise. This stretch of road must be said to be very beautiful, many times even traveling 4-500km away from Paris, you cannot find a better place. Next to Maison de Monet is 8 km away and a very nice village is Roche Guyon, but few people know it, but it is the only village in IDF in the list of the most beautiful villages in France.

Andelys Visit the outskirts of Paris.

3) Moret Sur Loing, Grez Sur Loing.

Grez Visit the outskirts of Paris.

Just €60 a person for 2 days, every people can camp, eat and swim on the Loing river very happy. Last year, my friend came up with an idea to go on weekend camping and kayaking near Paris. I don’t need to find much. This is probably the most ideal place for camping because right next to the place where kayaking can be said to be beautiful. IDF’s most:

1 Chemin des Prés, 77880 Grez-sur-Loing.

It is very convenient here because if you ride, there are only 70-80km. If you go to train, you can train to gare Bourron-Marlotte-Grez and walk 2.5km. After going to kayak for a distance of 15-20 km (depending on whether you go straight or zigzag like your group, in the group of the whole youths), the point is the old village of Moret Sur Loing, at that time around 17h In the afternoon if you do not get lost, you can take a walk to the village of Moret and walk to gare Moret – Veneux-Les-Sablons has 1.6km to return to Paris at any time.

View more about the activities: NATURE LOISIR EVASION

Grez-2 Visit the outskirts of Paris.

In addition to the beautiful ancient villages (Grez, Moret Sur Loing, Chateau Landon), along the Loing River, there are many beautiful and romantic houses. You will find that it is not necessary to spend a lot of effort and money to go far, around Paris there are many wonderful places that the sun face.

4) Barbizon.

Barbizon2 Visit the outskirts of Paris.

Barbizon is a cute little town in the middle of Fontainebleau forest, very beautiful and has a wonderful ecological visit that you at IDF need to explore, making sure you enjoy it. Therefore, the house here although far from Paris, the houses in this area has an average of €1 millions.

The site below is full of the most beautiful spots around the Barbizon village, but I like the most elephant-shaped rock and allée aux vaches where the painter Monet painted a famous picture. It should be added that because this place is so beautiful, there are many famous painters who paint here and live: BARBIZON, LE GUIDE

If you love rando, Fontainebleau has lots of parcours for you to explore for years!

5) Chartres.

Only 80km from Paris, Chartres is a lovely city and very popular because every summer there is a lumiere spectacle in some areas, especially in the Cathédrale de Chartres.

Chartres en lumières.

6) Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay.

Built-in 1118 for the monks, now this place is probably one of the most beautiful hotel restaurants in the IDF area. Looking on google, I have a feeling of love, going to a place that is more enthralling, just needing to go to the gate that does not need to go in and feel that this population has something very beautiful and very special. Going through the entrance, it is really amazing 🙂 Only uttering a sentence: why is it so beautiful that I do not hear anyone say how h, but luckily I have google, I do not know how much h know a place right next to Paris (40km) is so beautiful. Not only are these beautiful monasteries nearby, but there is also a walking path of about 2km of springs, a rocky beach, a beautiful little waterfall … Ticket of visiting here is €8, but somehow we passed them free billet for the whole team:)


7) Daumesnil.

daumesnil-paris Visit the outskirts of Paris.

Everyone knows Bois de Vincennes, Parc floral, but few know that in Vincennes forest there are many beautiful corners like Lac Daumesnil with artificial mountains.


This area I see on google is very nice but I haven’t gone, but I will definitely go. This area can be said as the eastern end of the largest area of ​​natural forest IDF formerly known as Vexin Français extending to Giverny.

9) Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Vaux-le-Vicomte Visit the outskirts of Paris.

In addition to the well-known château like Versaille, Fontainebleau at IDF and nearby there are many other very beautiful Château, but most impressive are: Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, Pierrefonds, Chantilly.

10) Parc vallée aux Loups.

Parc-vallée-aux-loups Visit the outskirts of Paris.

Parc vallée aux Loups is beautiful in all seasons. The 60 hectares land wide that make you comfortable to walk around. Only Maison de Chateaubriand is losing the rest of the gratuit areas: L’Arboretum, L’île Verte, Le Parc boisé. Parking here also has two gratuit (Parking municipal Maison de Chateaubriand) so you can ride to or if there is also an 11 bus to the gate. The area is famous for having Tung trees of the largest type in the world (150 years old) covering 680m2 (le Cèdre Bleu Pleureur de l’Atlas) and was voted the most beautiful tree in 2015.

11) Saint Remy Les Chevreuse.

Saint-Remy-les-chevreuses Visit the outskirts of Paris.

No need to go far just go to Terminus of RER B Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse so you can find a great walking path along the stream from gare RER B to center Ville Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse. This walking path follows the most beautiful and cutest type of IDF and is very suitable for families with young children, young people, trophies ignored from children to 80-90t (I met a few days ago) pair). On this road there are many beautiful paintings hanging on the fence of houses along the stream when you come to the village you can visit the church, then take a little walk up the Château de la Madeleine with the view looking around great. This walk is only 3.5-4km, so if you are healthy, this is just a prelude, then there are lots of walks, bicycles in the forest, stop and the fields are straight. 20-30km.

Jardin Visit the outskirts of Paris.

12) and more…

Paris also has a lot of beautiful Jardin that I haven’t gone to yet: Parc des Buttes-chaumont, Parc bagatelle, Parc floral, Roseraie Hays les roses, Jardin Albert-Kahn, … But if you like the gardens The vastness of nature cannot be rando, there are billions of parcours that if you only go to wk, you must discover that all 10 years are not over. I often go with French friends at Essonne and Fontainebleau, but in general, it is nice around IDF, especially this season with coquelicot flowers mixed in golden wheat fields. If you want to go to rando, you can find parcours on some sites or software like: Visorando, ViewRanger, IphiGénie,…


Source: Viet Lecoq