Watch the roses in Eguisheim village!

Eguisheim village is less than 10 km from Colmar. It is located adjacent to the German border, and historically has been occupied by the German army for a long time, so most people here speak German instead of French.

The village is decorated with lots of flowers, on the walls, on windows, making the village poetic and very eye-catching.

Eguisheim-village-2 Watch the roses in Eguisheim village! Eguisheim-village-3 Watch the roses in Eguisheim village! Eguisheim-village-4 Watch the roses in Eguisheim village! Eguisheim-village Watch the roses in Eguisheim village!

Nearly every year Eguisheim village received awards related to the beauty or preservation of the village’s architectural works. The village is also known as the most beloved village in France in 2013.

A charming WINE VILLAGE.

Speaking of Eguisheim, people will think of the famous aromatic wine in the world. From the moment I first entered the village, I immediately noticed the taste of wine. There were 12 wineries and vineyards in Eguisheim, including the Domaine Gruss & Fils, or Vins d’Alsace Joseph Freudenreich et fils …

Not only that, but the village also has a rather unique architecture. The village is designed in a circle. The houses surrounded by turning the village into a mysterious maze. Eguisheim village was built centuries ago. The village is influenced by both French and German cultures.

Eguisheim-village-6 Watch the roses in Eguisheim village!

A strange feature of the village is the tap. The tap here has been built for a long time. One of the oldest “the market square” faucet, still works well and contributes to its ancient beauty.