Top 10 countries that travelers can survive the longest with a budget of 700 USD.

A company that provides the world’s leading money transfer service recently announced a list of 10 destinations for just $ 700, visitors can survive the longest. This survey is based on the spending of British tourists.

The figures are published based on the cost that visitors pay daily including: 3 meals at the restaurant, 4 cups of soft drinks, 2 types of beer, 2 types of coffee and 2 trips by public transport plus. Although the calculations do not include hotel room costs, in general, countries with low daily living costs often provide guests with affordable room rates.

Below is a list of 10 countries that travelers can survive the longest with a budget of 700USD.

1. Thailand, 44 days.

With a budget of 700 USD, compared to runner-up position, when coming to Thailand, visitors can survive nearly 44 days. Like some of the other countries on this list, visitors have many options, from resorting to beaches, exploring big cities with lots of delicious food.

Although the above figures do not include the cost of accommodation, the high-class hotel rooms in Bangkok are much cheaper than the equivalent accommodation facilities in Hong Kong or Singapore.

2. Mexico, 26 days.

If you want to enjoy a holiday at the beaches, explore the ruins of ancient civilizations, participate in artistic activities or choose an ideal retreat, Mexico has it all.

3. Jamaica, 25 days.

You may be surprised to see a Caribbean tourist center on this list. Compared to other locations on the list, Jamaica has a smaller number of attractions, but visitors will surely be attracted to the beaches and nightlife here.

5 and 4. Czech and Bulgarian Republic, 23 days.

The Czech Republic and Bulgaria offer visitors a mix of history, scenery, nightlife, unique culture and cuisine. Czech Prague tops the list of European destinations for economical travelers. Sofia of Bulgaria is also beginning to search for a position similar to Prague.

7 and 6. Poland and Hungary, 22 days.

The two main attractions of Poland, Warsaw and Krakow, are famous for their combination of architecture and history, of course, not to mention the Kielbasa sausage. Most visitors to Hungary cannot bypass Budapest with its history, culture, scenery and great cuisine.

8. Turkey, 22 days.

Image of Istanbul with Suleymaniye Mosque during sunset.

Whether in the multicultural capital of Istanbul, Pamukkale hot sand beaches or mineral waters … visitors receive good service. Turkish airlines also offer some good incentives for tourists but the downside is that the turmoil of Turkey will make visitors consider coming here.

9. South Africa, 18 days.

This large country is famous for a variety of wildlife, the beautiful city of Cape Town with the famous Table Mountain, white sand beaches, pristine forests … Only thing, visitors come This has to go through a long flight at a high cost.

10. Portugal, 17 days.

For many years, Portugal was known as a cheap destination in Western Europe. This country offers visitors a wonderful experience with landscapes, museums, historical monuments, delicious food and world leading wines. Visitors are also easy to come here by cheap airlines.